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Our fieldwork dates are at the end of every month therefore we ask that you submit your Ask a Gen Z questions by the 20th of each month.
As the panel are already verified students, we advise not to ask questions around starting university. If you're interested in non-students, why not book in a discussion around a bespoke research project?
Our in-house researchers will check and amend your survey questions to avoid biases How will my data be delivered to me? 
We will send your stats back to you via email along with a summary from our expert insights team to help you get the best out of your data.
This survey goes out to over 18s (the older Gen Zs), if you would like to conduct research with under 18s, please contact us directly. 
We advise against asking questions that require a filter (e.g. a filter could be 'Do you drink alcohol' for the question > 'What is your alcoholic drink of choice?') as we will not be able to guarantee the statistical robustness of the survey with multiple contributors. 

Our fieldwork dates are at the end of every month therefore you would expect data back on the following dates for 2023:

  • January deadline 26th January - Results back 8th February
  • February deadline 23rd February - Results back 10th March
  • March deadline 23rd March - Results back 14th April
  • April deadline 20th April - Results back 11th May
  • May deadline 25th May - Results back 9th June
  • June deadline 21st June - Results back 11th July
  • July deadline 20th July - Results back 4th August
  • August deadline 24th August - Results back 8th September
  • September deadline 21st September - Results back 6th October
  • October deadline 26th October - Results back 10th November
  • November deadline 23rd November - Results back 8th December
  • December deadline 21st December - Results back 6th January